Erik in the Afternoon

Erik in the Afternoon was founded in 2002 by an 11 year old boy who just loved talking, loved being silly, and had nothing better to do. To make these shows, he used a Karaoke Machine that his mother bought him for Christmas. The Karaoke Machine was made for singing. However, needless to say, his mother got her money’s worth. Via the machine, he recorded his shows onto cassette tapes and played them in the big stereo in his dining rooom for the family and house guests to hear. It didn’t take long after the creation of this show in 2002 for the boy to discover that he wanted to do it for the rest of his life. He also desired a fan base larger than just his mother and father. The only way for this to happen was for him to pursue a career in broadcast, which he is currently doing as a Hampton University senior. In his first two summers as a college student, he would make his show by recording onto CDs instead of cassettes and selling them to his church family and neighbors. Just recently, he made an “executive decision” to begin doing the show online instead of making hard copies. In another “executive decision”, he changed the name of the show to “The Erik Terrell Show” (Erik Terrell being his stage name).

As soon as we figure out how to get audio on this website. We’ll have some old episodes of Erik in the Afternoon up here for ya. Thanx!

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