The Best Damn Support Team of All-Time

Family! Thank you soo soo much for all of the overwhelming support over the years. You all are the most important part of this process. I’m nothing without you guys. Please note, these photos were arbitrarily selected from a wide array and added in random order (except the first one). I value everyone who has ever supported me with the same great level of love and appreciation.

Support Team (35)

Bae came to support me on this day, the day Al Martin passed me at my Broadway Comedy Club audition. This is the Queen and I chilling 102 stories in the air at the Empire State Building just hours before the audition. Hey Bae 🙂

Support Team (27)

One of my fave supporters, Ginger, at a show in VA (2014).

Support Team (41)

Ginger Again !!! At another VA show (2017).

My Best Man, Nicholas Christian, before I opened for NBC’s National Dog Show.

Support Team (71)Support Team (58)

My Sister. My reeall sister. No, like my real one. Why am I so skinny in this picture?

Support Team (49)

This photo was taken minutes after a show at Forest & Main in Ambler, PA. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.. to my coworkers from Radnor Township. I’ll never forget that I had a “day job” because I don’t know where I’d be w/o the love and support of these absolutely amazing humans.

Support Team (55)

My friend Gaige (above) and I after my set at Gilda’s Laugh Fest in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Gaige is one of the first friends I made at Hampton University back in our Freshman year (2009). This is us, nine years later. Don’t we still look like cute college freshmen??

Support Team (69)

On his throne, my great friend Dave Teruso sits after I opened for him on his unforgettable taping at Irish Pol in Philadelphia.Support Team (28)

After filming for Comedy Time TV in California, my Sister, Jade, and I are seen here in an uber on our way to Roscoes Chicken and Waffles !

Support Team (52)

My Mother and Father are enjoying themselves after crushiinng some Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream at N2 Sweet Cafe, Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream store that bae owns and the site of the Cool Fools Comedy Show that I headline once a year.

Support Team (6)

This wasn’t after any comedy show. This was actually before I’d started performing Stand-Up. It’s just my brother Rob and me gettin’ ready to ride the WHOV FM float for the Hampton University Homecoming Parade and throw Halloween candy at some ungrateful kids.

Support Team (8)

I like my friends strong and short. Thanks for all the support Gabe and Walt. Real friends.

Support Team (16)

One of my most supportive friends, my boy Torenzo, in town with Madea On the Run.

Support Team (50)

Sister, Terricka. Hilarious. Loyal. Entrepreneur. Line up, fellas.

Support Team (25)

Celebrating after being voted 2nd of 260 comics in the Philly’s Phunniest Comedian Contest at Helium Comedy Club with my riders Ms. Linette and Ms. Val !

Support Team (40)

My boy Tony after my set at his birthday party. Love you dude.

Support Team (59)

B and Naj Money. Thanks, Fam!

Support Team (31)

Truer words were never spoken. Thanks, Anastasia.

Support Team (47)

The Best Damn Support Team of All-Time and I enjoying some good ole Ugly Sweater Holiday Game Night. That’s bae behind Dave Teruso’s big hat. I wore this sweater to work that same week, and all my caucasian coworker’s thought it was a hit! Nobody liked it at game night because Santa’s white. We’ve gotta do something about this racial divide in America.

Support Team (46)

A Ride or Die chick on the shirt of a Ride or Die brotha. Thanks, Sisco !

Support Team (51)

Outside of Stand Up NY with my cousin Michelle who came to show love !!

Support Team (36)

After performing at The Comedy Works Bristol with Anastasia and Jess.

Support Team (54)

The Fam Bam. Yes, I still use corny terms like “Fam Bam”.

Support Team (62)

My sisters and I on the beach in college..

Support Team (33)Support Team (26)Support Team (67)

My boy Josh Kosh (above) and I after our victories at the Conshy Comedy Fest (2017).

Support Team (17)

After a 2016 set at Cozzy’s Comedy Club with one of my favorite college professors, Dr. Rick Jarvis. Thanks, Pop.

Support Team (4)

Mommy . . . Down since Day One.