Doin’ Work

Doin Work 12


Doin Work 21

I might’ve been young, but I was ready. ( give you all my loooovvee. Okay sorry.)

Before opening for NBC’s National Dog Show (2018).

Doin Work 1

When I first fell in love with Stand-Up.

I still perform in that shirt. I’ll probably wear it tonight. (Photo by Robert High III aka Yung Tree)

Doin Work 2

When I first fell in love with performing R&B in the mirror while brushing my teeth. This happened before I fell in love with Stand-Up. There’s not much of a market for it, though. So, I turned to Stand-Up.

Doin Work 28Doin Work 18

Cozzy’s Comedy Club baby.. first club I ever worked (2011).

Doin Work 47

Okay, all my photos aren’t from Cozzy’s.

Doin Work 34

Back at Cozzy’s, All Grown Up.. Six years later.

Doin Work 10

I nearly died shooting this sketch video. They painted an aerial view of Philadelphia’s skyline on top of me. I was there for hours.. frreeeezziiiiinng.

Doin Work 9Doin Work 33

But Wait ! There’s More . . .

Doin Work 25

Literally thinking, “I do this. I’m good.”

Doin Work 30

Punchline Philly.

Doin Work 29

Carolines Presents at Carolines on Broadway. First time getting paid in NYC.

Doin Work 31

The Stand Restaurant and Comedy Club.

Doin Work 27


Doin Work 26

Behind the scenes of David E. Talbert’s major motion picture “Almost Christmas” in Atlanta. I was an extra. They do your hair for free on the set, so I had this woman do my hair.. because I’m not used to being treated this well.

Doin Work 6

Hosting Community Day for the Jahri Evans Foundation as Phillip Barrett plays drums behind my jokes. Jahri and Phillip happen to be two of my favorite people to ever live.

Doin Work 42Doin Work 37

The Cool Fools Comedy Show at N2 Sweet Cafe… best show in Philadelphia. Hands Down. Enjoy Sweet Life 😉

Doin Work 43

Good Good Comedy Theatre in Philadelphia.

Doin Work 8

Me, wearing a hoodie, arresting racist white police officers in a sketch comedy video.

Doin Work 49

Performing I Want You Back with my little brother Michael and the rest of the Jackson 5 at a talent show at Triumph Baptist Church. After our performance, I hosted the talent show.

Doin Work 48

Speaking at my Church (2007, I think).

Doin Work 15Doin Work 3

Soul Comedy at Warmdaddy’s (2015).

Doin Work 22

God Did It.

Doin Work 19Doin Work 20