The Query Letter

Hey Essence! Don’t Act Like You Don’t Want A Piece of This!


Constance C. R. White

135 West 50th Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10020


Dear Mr. Editor,


After a black President was inaugurated, the will to vote of students on the campuses of HBCUs still fail in comparison to that of their white counterparts. It seems like their voting avidity will perpetually plummet no matter how many enthusiasts push the idea of making their voices heard. Black students love to talk about Barack Obama’s success; but when it comes to keeping him in office, none of them are registered. Why is the black student still an apathetic voter?


In this inquisitive article, I’ll explore a number of proven and potential reasons there may be to why black students don’t make it to the polls. The interviews I have lined up are ones from an avid longtime voter and two students who’d rather spend Election Day at home hoping their candidate wins. The two students are seniors at different HBCUs with two different reasons why voting just isn’t for them just yet.


Not only is the article compelling, but it’s timely and appropriate. Another presidential election is approaching quickly, and there won’t be a more political point in time until four years from now. Black students should not only be aware of the how much they don’t vote, but they should know how much of an impact their apathy has.


In addition to this article, I’d love to pitch my Personal Narrative. Many readers of your magazine are African American parents like my own mother. These parents should be much more cognizant of the emotional battles and mental torment their children endure or maybe even inflict everyday at school.


In the eighth grade, I survived the hardest time in my life when my school expelled me two months before graduation after I keyed my teacher’s car. Had my mother been fully aware of the intensity of the relationship between my teacher and I, things may have panned out a different way. My goal is to reach a lot of families, teachers, and any adults that may have a young person in mind who could be going through similar adversities.


My articles are real, and my articles are relevant. I’ve written similar articles in my three years with my school newspaper, The Hampton Script. I’ve been writing Opinions articles since I joined with my high school paper in 2007. Any of my previous work is available on request. I can be reached at and (215) 200-7213. Thanks for the opportunity!


Yours Truly,

Erik Terrell



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