According to Erik Terrell…

“If they say it can’t be done, it only means they haven’t done it.”

“Failing gets old. Trying doesn’t.”

“Children have dreams. Adults have goals.”

“Effort.. is all you can ask of someone.”

“Sometimes when you don’t care anymore is when you win.”

“The only predictable thing about life is its unpredictability.”

“Your body can’t sleep till your mind does.”

“Talking is one thing. Saying something is another.”

“If you can’t get something after try after try, change the way you look at it.”

“You can’t have it all, but you can take most of it.”

“Some people live and learn. Some people just live.”

“If 24 hours weren’t enough, God would’ve made more.”

“The hardest part of getting anything done is getting started.”

“It never really feels too bad to fail in private.”

“You can’t ask for too much of something you’ve never given.”

“If you’re going to live in the fast lane, you better have good brakes.”

“When life throws you a curveball, hit a homerun.”

“I’m not following my dream. I’m chasin’ it.”

“If you care what people think or say about you, grow up!”

“Before it breaks, fix it.”

“I can understand giving up… after you’ve tried.”

“Don’t enjoy life because things are always good. Enjoy life because you can.”

“Before you call someone a hater, listen to their reasons for hatin’ on you. They may have a point.”

“If you don’t have any room to grow, move.”

“You call it failure. I call it good practice!”

“Close a door in my face if you want to, I bet God opens a better one!”

“It’s important to let no idea go unjotted.”

“Never compromise who you are.”

“Trying to do too much is how you get nothing done.”

“If you never cry, you never love. And if you never love, you never live.”

“Real friends don’t have to tell you they’re your friend. They have a way of showing it.”

“No one gets promoted just doing their job.”

“Money ain’t a goal. It’s a by-product.”

“Never assume that you’ve been through more than someone. They may need your smile more than you know it.”

“It may look like someone’s doing what they want to do, but it’s only because they did what they had to do when no one was paying attention.”

“Be hard to impress, harder to depress, and impossible to suppress.”

“It ain’t always what you say or do for your friends, but your presence. Sometimes you just have to be there.”

“Sometimes how you said it and when you said it can overshadow what you said.”

“Sometimes trying not to impress someone impresses them the most.”

“I don’t give up because I don’t know how.”

“I’m not waiting for Mr. Opportunity because he never called to say he was on his way.”

“Things change. People change. The world changes. God doesn’t.”

Want some Inspiration? Tune into the “Word of the Moment: Brief Advice and Survival Assistance” in the last 5 minutes of each episode of “The Erik Terrell Show”

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